1st submission deadline

21.11.23 | 00:01 o'clock – 23:59 o'clock | save as Calendar item

You can participate in the competition in three phases and submit a business concept for evaluation. Business plans and business model canvas concepts are eligible.

Three phases - feedback - five-figure prize money

November 21, 2023 is the first submission deadline of BPW. Your business concept must be received by midnight and should include the required chapters/segments.

BPW Plan:

  • Executive Summary
  • Product/Service
  • Founding Team

BPW Canvas:

  • In each phase of the competition, the complete canvas and the relevant explanations must be submitted.

After the deadline, two members of the jury will receive your concept for evaluation. Based on defined criteria, the concept will be reviewed and provided with hints, tips and comments.

Participation in the competition is independent of the other offers. You can optionally take advantage of any BPW service. It is the same with the phases.

Entry is possible in every phase.

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