TOP 10: The BPW finalists

These are the business concepts and idea creators of the BPW. In each phase of the competition, ten business concepts are selected from the jury's evaluation. The TOP 10 present their ideas to a jury of experts, who select the winning team in each phase. All ten teams have the opportunity to pitch for the audience award at our award ceremonies.

1. competition phase

AdaptX Systems

Winning team

AdaptX Systems develops an innovative cooling solution for the processing of metals and plastics by machine tools.


Audience Award

PlayTravel team develops an innovative and interactive booking platform that allows families and educators to search, compare and easily book child-friendly leisure activities in a city.


TOP 10

Activa.TE is a revolutionary, resorbable biomaterial implant that stimulates the body's own bone healing without relying on additional biological factors.


TOP 10

New dissemination channels are needed to systematically introduce Baukultur (general) education into the education system and society. The online academy Baukulturelle makes the knowledge that already exists in different places and in different minds accessible to a large number of multipliers in a low-threshold and cost-effective way.


TOP 10

With its compact robotic cooking machines, FLVEO brings numerous culinary kitchens into the workplace in the smallest of spaces to make healthy eating faster, easier and more affordable.

Kiso Health

TOP 10

Kiso Health develops a therapeutic smartphone app for the almost 2 million people affected in Germany. With interactive exercises from cognitive behavioral therapy, the app is a psychotherapist for your pocket that enables sufferers to live a more independent, happier life again.

Occam 37

TOP 10

Occam37 developed the "Plait" software to simplify organisational transformations and improve success rates through this dedicated B2B SaaS solution.

Patisserie NaN

TOP 10

Authentic flavors and pastries from Iran - combined with fine, modern patisserie: NaN, Berlin's first Persian patisserie, offers delicious, high-quality baked goods for people from Persia as well as other cultures.


TOP 10

SolarHill combines classic power plant technology with a large seasonal hot water storage tank with a solar system integrated in the floating cover to supply local consumers (industry, commerce, trade, households, transport) with electricity and heat as required via a local heating network (municipal heat planning) using combined heat and power generation.


TOP 10

Das Start-up tara verändert die Designbranche durch die Einführung eines digitalen Lieferkettenservice. Die Social Supply Chain Services von tara verbinden deutsche Designer:innen mit Kunsthandwerker:innen im globalen Süden, um transparente, nachhaltige und ethisch verantwortliche Produktions-Partnerschaften zu entwickeln.

2nd competition phase

Top 10 2. Phase: UniWearables© Leo Seidel


Winning team

The founding team is developing a medical wearable designed for broad use on inpatients in hospitals. The device is attached to the patient's chest using an adhesive sensor pad and continuously transmits the most important clinical vital signs to the hospital's central patient information system. Based on the continuously collected data, physicians can make decisions based on trends, which improves the quality of treatment.

Top 10 2. Phase: first aid gloves© Leo Seidel

first aid gloves

Audience Award

first aid gloves is a product designed to encourage more people to actively intervene in accident situations and provide first aid. The first aid gloves combine the basic protection of disposable medical gloves with helpful first aid instructions. They ensure patient and self-protection and, by means of internationally understandable pictograms, create a safe and intuitive framework for action in which a hectic emergency situation can be managed.

Top 10 2. Phase: App4Pets© Leo Seidel


TOP 10

App4Pets is an animal health platform designed by veterinarian:in. The app is tailored to the specific needs of pet owners and the challenges of our time. It presents findings from animal nutrition science and expertise on individual pet species, provides recommendations for health prophylaxis and offers support for pet owners.

Top 10 2. Phase: ChartCrafter© Leo Seidel


TOP 10

ChartCrafter is the first editor for crochet font, that understands how crochet works and thus offers the DIY crochet community on its in-house platform digital instructions in internationally standardised crochet language and uniform texts generated from it.

Top 10 2. Phase: ecopeak© Leo Seidel


TOP 10

The ecopeak app creates incentives and rewards for households to better adapt their electricity consumption to the fluctuating generation from solar and wind power. As part of a B2B2C model, the app is free to all households and a SaaS solution for electricity providers. The added value for climate and society are savings in gas and CO2, increased grid
grid security, and reduced costs for electricity.

Top 10 2. Phase: Factor 4 Solutions© Leo Seidel


TOP 10

Through savings in operating energies in their refrigeration centers supports F4 SOLUTIONS all operators (data centers, hospitals, industry, food manufacturers, energy suppliers, etc.). An increase in efficiency by a factor of 4, for example, allows a reduction of CO2-emissions by up to 75 percent. F4 SOLUTIONS offers a universal, model-based, holistic and technology-open system controller that is open to all technologies.

Top 10 2. Phase: Status Flow© Leo Seidel

Status Flow

TOP 10

Status Flow GbR supports founding teams in establishing an efficient and conflict-sensitive team culture, combining know-how from peace and conflict research and entrepreneurship with practical experience in design thinking and mediation. In workshops, the basics of independent conflict management are taught and teams are guided to work on their conflict issues. In case of escalated conflicts Status Flow GbR supports with the structured procedure of mediation to find interest-oriented solutions.

Top 10 2. Phase: TRACK 3 D© Leo Seidel


TOP 10

TRACK3D is developing an FDM 3D printer that can be used to print series-quality parts. The 3D in-situ monitoring continuously monitors the print and actively compensates for errors. A digital twin of each component is created, which makes subsequent quality control unnecessary - continuous dimensional accuracy of the components is automatically ensured. The granulate print head reduces costs for users while at the same time improving quality.

Top 10 2. Phase: Weldinx© Leo Seidel


TOP 10

Weldinx GmbH will market a user-friendly cloud welding simulation software whose application does not require hiring additional personnel with expert knowledge or investing in powerful hardware.

Top 10 2. Phase: Wingrow© Leo Seidel


TOP 10

Wingrow's window farm allows sustainable people to grow microgreens on their own windowsill within a week. Microgreens are grown from the same seeds as regular vegetables, but harvested after only 5 to 9 days at the seedling stage. At this stage, they are more nutritious and have a more intense flavor.