Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We (hopefully) have all the answers for you! To make it easier for you to find the right answer, we have divided the questions into three categories:

The first steps at BPW

How can I participate? What are the first steps?

Register free of charge with BPW! In addition to the competition, you will receive all important information about our extensive programme in our newsletter. In October, the BPW will start with the kick-off event at deGUT. You can always meet us there in person.


Is registration necessary?

A free registration is required in order to use our offers. .

Who can participate in BPW?

We support founders who are planning to start a business in Berlin or Brandenburg. If the company already exists, the start-up must not be older than one year.

Exceptions are companies that were taken over as part of a succession or companies that are dedicated to new products or product expansions. Another requirement is that they must have formulated their concept themselves.

Why should I participate in BPW? What are my advantages?

BPW is much more than a competition. We are Germany's largest and regional start-up initiative. We support you in creating your business concept. You can use our numerous, free offers in the way you need for your start-up. Choose the topics that are interesting for you from the seminars, workshops and events. Submit your concept and receive feedback. Network with experts and other founders.

Do I have to participate in the competition?

All free services can be used independently of participation in the competition. You decide which services you want to use for your start-up.

How can I learn more about the business plan chapters?

In our seminars, we address the chapters of a business plan and explain their contents. If you miss a seminar, there are individual webinars that deal with the topics of the business plan. You can also find a comprehensive explanation in our manual.


Will my concept be treated confidentially?

All persons who come into contact with your concept undertake to maintain confidentiality in a declaration of confidentiality.

Around the competition

When do I have to submit my concept to participate?

There are three deadlines for the competition. These dates are the latest time to submit your concept on time. If you have any questions, we will be available by phone until midnight (the upload of the concepts will be activated approx. 2 weeks before each of the three deadlines).

What does the deadlines mean?

Within the framework of the BPW, you can submit your concept in three competition phases in order to receive two different written, and in some cases also personal, feedbacks from jurors after the awards. Submissions must be made by midnight on the respective deadline date at the latest. The BPW team will be available by telephone until midnight on the submission dates.

Who will evaluate my concept?

In each phase, your concept will be evaluated by two jurors from different sectors. So if you submit your concept in all three phases, you will benefit from a total of six pieces of feedback and can use the tips to optimise your design.

What is the difference between BPW Plan and BPW Canvas?

BPW offers the possibility to create a classic business plan or to visualise your idea with the Business Model Canvas method. You can also take part in the competition in these two ways. You decide whether you want to submit a business plan, a canvas model or both. You can change the method within the phases, for example, you submit a business plan in the first phase and a canvas model in the second phase.

Is the Canvas form sufficient or do I need to add supplements?

The Canvas visualises your idea, divided into nine segments. In order to make it comprehensible for the jurors, each segment must be explained in detail. One page per segment is recommended.

Can I only participate with a business plan?

You can participate with a business plan (BPW Plan), with a canvas model (BPW Canvas) or with both methods.

Do I have to submit a complete business plan in the 1st and/or 2nd phase?

The business plan is structured systematically. You start in phase 1 with the description of your idea, the team and give a summary. These chapters will be evaluated in the 1st phase. In the 2nd phase you add the chapters market analysis and marketing. In the 3rd phase, you add information on the organisation and company, financing and financial planning. In this way, you build up your concept step by step.

Do I have to participate in all phases of the competition?

You decide whether and in which phase you submit your concept for evaluation. However, don't miss out on the chance to receive expert feedback, because this will help you optimise your concept and prepare you for the start of your self-employment.

Can I enter at any time within the competition phase, even if I did not enter in the phase before?

You can enter and submit at any time in all three competition phases. It is not a prerequisite that you have already submitted in the 1st or 2nd phase.

Can I submit alone or with several people?

You can also submit as a team. In order to do so, all co-founders must be assigned to your concept. You will find instructions on how to do this in your profile after you have successfully registered.

How do I submit my business concept?

You register free of charge on the BPW website. The upload will be activated approximately two weeks before the submission deadlines.

How does the upload work?

You will receive an e-mail from us with all the necessary information as soon as the upload has been activated.

Can I submit my business plan in paper form?

It is not possible to submit a paper version. In order to be admitted by the deadline, you must submit the concept online as a PDF file.

When will I receive the evaluation?

After the submission deadline, we will hand over your concept to two jurors who will then have about three weeks to evaluate it. After the three weeks, the top 10 teams will be informed by phone about the next steps. The evaluations are always visible in your account one day after the award.

How do I deal with the evaluations?

It is up to you to decide whether you want to accept the evaluations and tips from the jurors in whole or in part and optimise your concept on the basis of the feedback or not. Not all suggestions have to be implemented, sometimes they only serve as food for thought.

Why can't I see who has evaluated my business concept?

Our jurors evaluate all concepts on a voluntary basis and are not obliged to provide their contact details.

When will I know if I have won?

Approximately 3-4 weeks after submitting your concept, the finalists will receive a call from the BPW team. The finalists will then pitch in front of a jury of experts, who will then decide on the placement. We also produce short image films with all finalists. One day after the award events, the evaluations are released.

How much is the prize money?

We award prize money totalling more than 50,000 euros.

When will the prize money be transferred?

We will transfer the prize money after the award events.

Offers of the BPW

Do I have to attend all the seminars?

You decide for yourself which seminars you would like to attend.

Do I have to register for the seminars?

If you want to take part in a seminar, you have to register for it. You can do this easily via your profile in the BPW section.

Are there seminars that explain the Canvas model?

We offer seminars and workshops that introduce you to the method. You will gain basic theoretical knowledge and can put this knowledge into practice straight away.

Are there recordings of the seminars?

We usually publish the handouts of the lecturers online on the BPW website after the seminar dates. We also provide a selection of webinars.

What happens at the events?

The networking events are a very good opportunity to get into conversation with the BPW network and to establish or expand your own network.

How do I find out about the events?

In our online calendar we list all upcoming dates in an overview for you. To register for the events, please go to the BPW website and register online. You will then see an overview of all booked events in your "My BPW" area. You can add further dates or cancel your registration if the time does not suit you. We will also inform you about upcoming events by e-mail. You will receive an invitation email for our highlight events.