Lean Startup Sprint | AI Edition

27.09.23 | 16:00 o'clock – 20.10.23 | 12:00 o'clock | save as Calendar item

Startup Incubator Berlin and Investitionsbank Berlin invite you to the AI Edition of the Lean Startup Sprint.

In the age of rapid technological advancement, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is key to unlocking innovation and driving transformations.

  • Whether you're an AI enthusiast, a tech-savvy entrepreneur, or someone with a brilliant idea waiting to be AI-boosted, this edition of the Lean Startup Sprint is for you.
  • AI Ideation and Validation: Join forces with our experienced startup coaches and experts to refine and validate your existing startup idea, or co-create a brand new venture.
  • The best concepts who tackle our challenge will win a price money of 1k € each sponsored by IBB!
  • After the sprint you have the chance to start a pilot project with IBB and even more support of SIB to bring your idea to market.

How does it work?

The Lean Startup Sprint takes place at A32 Entrepreneurs Forum in Siemensstadt. It is a 2-week program for you to develop your startup idea. You'll getting access to our coworking space and maker spaces the whole day. Every day there will be special startup and product development talks, workshops and meetups about: AI for startups, idea validation, customer development, product development, networking for founders etc.

The Lean Startup Sprint program is as flexible as possible and offers many opportunities to dive into the Berlin startup ecosystem.

Important dates are

  • Kick-off on Monday October 9th at 3:30 pm, on site
  • Testing your prototype ("Mini UX Testing") on Thursday October 19th afternoon , on site
  • Presenting your prototype or MVP on Friday Octgober 20th at 10 am, on site

How can I register?

For those of you with existing startup ideas, the AI Edition provides an opportunity to pitch your concept to a panel of experts, receive constructive feedback, and potentially secure a partnership with IBB (and maybe some price money).

If you're still workin on your startup idea, immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment where collaboration is king. Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs at Startup Incubator Berlin (A32, Rohrdamm 88) and expand your network within our startup community. You'll also getting a chance to receive price money.

You'll get all the info at the kick-off on October 9th!

There is more!

As a participent of this Lean Startup Sprint you'll also get free access to entrepreneurs fair "degut 2023" October 13th and 14th (tickets usually 18.80 €) to get to know all the exhibiting companies, institutions or attend on workshops or presentations.


If you have any questions, you can participate in a Q&A on Discord. It's September 27th at 16:00 and you'll get all the latest information about the sprint. Falko, Raphael, Sarah and Christian will be in a live stream on Discord to answer all your questions.

Here is the SIB Discord link






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