Code of Conduct for Jurors

I accept the following code of conduct for my voluntary work as a juror for the BPW:

I have commercial qualifications as well as experience in advising company founders in general or in the creation of business concepts in particular.

I evaluate the business concepts to the best of my knowledge and belief

  •     according to the given contents of the respective stages or cycles,
  •     in the form of point allocation according to the BPW evaluation criteria,
  •     in the form of objective, written feedback, which is free of personal judgement
  •     on time and will strictly adhere to the given deadlines for the evaluation completion of the business concepts.

After the evaluation, I will be available to participants for a feedback session. The inquiries of the participants will be arranged by the competition office.

I am aware that

  •     personal contact with the team may only be established through the BPW,
  •     I myself may not belong to any team, neither as a participant nor as a consultant,
  •     the competition office must be notified immediately in the event of problems such as scheduling bottlenecks, conflicts of interest etc.