Mindful and bold entrepreneurship

22.03.24 | 10:00 Uhr – 13:00 Uhr |Cottbus | Als Kalendereintrag speichern

Stand your ground as an entrepreneur according to your core values, goals and resources


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This interactive and practice-oriented workshop shifts your perspective inside out. Let’s turn the spotlight on you as a business person!

Part I: Get clarity

How to run your business, not only according to numbers and facts in your business plan, but also according to your personal core values, goals, and resources? Dive deep and explore what matters to you the most, what course are you setting for in your business and generally in life.

Part II: Putting theory into practice

How can you achieve your business goals, meet the needs of your customers and others without neglecting your own vision, values and needs? Learn how to set clear and healthy boundaries, how it is connected to self-worth and self-care. Experience how self-reflection, mindfulness, and visualization techniques can support you. This workshop is held in English. No previous knowledge or experience needed.

This workshop takes place in cooperation with the BTU Cottbus – Senftenberg Startup Service (https://www.b-tu.de/gruendungsservice/). 


Dr. Tina Böhme (Dr. Tina Böhme)

Dr. Tina Böhme is a psychologist (M.Sc.) and former researcher in the field of mindfulness and education for sustainable consumption (Dr. phil., TU Berlin). In 2021 she started her own business as a holistic empowerment coach and yoga teacher. She is based in Cottbus and mother of a 5-year old daughter. Tina is passionate about empowering people to truly be and stand up for themselves.



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