How to interview and talk to customers

13.12.23 | 15:00 Uhr – 18:00 Uhr |Online | Als Kalendereintrag speichern

Covering interview techniques and complementary methods, the session aims to equip you with practical skills for gathering useful insights.


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Understanding your customers is key to any successful business venture. This 3-hour online seminar focuses on building your skills in conducting insightful customer interviews. You will start with the basics, learning why interviews are important and how to conduct them. You'll then get to practice these skills in real-time, interviewing fellow participants and receiving feedback. The session wraps up by introducing additional research methods to corroborate your interview findings.

The workshop takes place in cooperation with the University of Potsdam, Potsdam Transfer.

To conduct the online event, we will use the video conferencing tool of Zoom Video Communications, Inc. You can find information on data protection here: By participating in the event, you agree to this data processing.

This workshop will be held in english.


Jentz Tan

The seminar is led by Jentz, a seasoned corporate trainer and innovation catalyst with over a decade of professional experience in areas like innovation, design thinking, and business strategy. With a global footprint that includes workshops in multiple countries, Jentz specializes in transforming the way organizations think and act. His multi-disciplinary background and hands-on experience in applying design thinking across a range of industries make him well-equipped to guide this interactive session.


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