Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability

Contact person: Dr Yasmin Olteanu

Clayallee 323 | 14169 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 3064 5100 34

Borderstep Institut

Borderstep researches the future and analyses what comes (innovation) and what remains (sustainability). The research of the Borderstep Institute is application-oriented and consistently aims to be put into practice. Borderstep's claim is to generate new problem-oriented knowledge that moves the world! The Institute sees itself as a scientific pioneer of change and wants to contribute to a green transformation of economic processes and lifestyles on the basis of excellent research. In doing so, it strengthens and supports those pioneers and innovators in society who make sustainability a practical reality.

In the research field of sustainable entrepreneurship, the Borderstep Institute creates the Green Startup Monitor, which provides the start-up platform for the sustainability-oriented start-up scene in Germany and promotes green and sustainability-oriented start-up projects and start-ups with a variety of initiatives such as the StartGreen Award as the national top prize for the green start-up scene and methods such as the business model development tool "Sustainable Business Canvas" (

As a partner of BPW, the Borderstep Institute supports the range of seminars and the special sustainability prize, and carries out research projects.