Unternehmensverbände Berlin-Brandenburg (UVB)



The Unternehmensverbände Berlin-Brandenburg (UVB) represent the interests of companies in the common economic area of Berlin-Brandenburg as an economic and socio-political umbrella organisation. Its sixty members include the umbrella and employer associations from industry and commerce, crafts and services as well as the Bundesverband Deutsche Startups.

The UVB supports the Berlin-Brandenburg start-up industry with numerous initiatives. In addition to its commitment to BPW, it actively organises early contact between young companies and the established economy.

Contact mediator

The UVB offers various formats for networking companies of its member associations with innovative start-ups in the region. These include regular specialist meetings such as personnel industry, health, production and supplier forums as well as start-up days in companies. "BPW Business" serves as a central platform for the exchange between both worlds.

Career developers

The Career Centers at the universities enable (young) companies to present themselves to students and graduates as interesting employers at an early stage. In order to promote the work of the Career Centers, the UVB coordinates the "Career Services" working group. www.career-services-bb.de

digitization driver

With its own digital laboratory, the UVB promotes the digitalisation of the economy in the capital region. In addition to the topics "digital work" and "digital education", the focus is on "digital business models". > www.uvb-digitallabor.de

Unternehmensverbände Berlin-Brandenburg (UVB)
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